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Hi, introduce my name, Syamsul Ikrar, I was born on June 20, 1993, this blog provides an article about Indonesian legandaris musicians, namely SLANK. I started learning to make a blog starting from the beginning of 2013, at first I didn't know anything about blogs especially how to make it. But because I like searching for new things, I just learned how to make a blog on the internet and then I decided to blog about musicians / SLANK bands, I chose to blog about SLANK because I want my blog to be useful for Slankers and Slanky.

If anyone wants to contact me, I can go to the Slankblk.blogspot.com site or can also pass:

Email: dhontuikrar@gmail.com

So, if anyone wants to comment or ask about articles on my blog, contact me via the above address. If there are words that are rude and a little excessive on this page and in my blog article, I apologize for the big and thank you because it took time to visit and read articles on my blog.

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